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Sonic Cleanse



"I have been using the Sonic Cleanse for about three weeks now and I am amazed by the difference. My skin is smoother. Clearer. Pretty sure that my serums are working better as my laugh lines [which btw, not so funny] have diminished.Andrea Claire, Hair & Make Up Artist


"If there’s one thing my skin has ever needed more, it would be the Sonic Cleanse.

...Sonic Cleanse has managed to cleanse my skin like nothing before! I’m not exaggerating, honest! I am in love! Every time I use this in the evenings, my skin feels very thoroughly cleansed even though I use the same cleanser I’ve been using all along. I don’t get white heads anymore and breakouts… well, what breakouts?" - Roxanne(Laced Ivory), Blogger


"I find that my pores are clearer whenever I use it. My skin has also become smoother because of the cleanser. It is easy to use, easy to store and cheap to maintain." - Vivian(Vivianism), Blogger




Baby Quasar


"Baby Q is just the right pampering for my skin. It is like having a spa at home."Jacqueline, Blogger


"Immediately after completing the session, my face became much smoother! I’ve this really bad pimple on my face (you know those that are larger than normal pimple and seems to be embedded in the face), and after using the device for one time, the pimple became much smaller and tamer. Going by experiences, new pimples that are treated with the Baby Quasar go away completely in about 3-4 days and often do not leave scars." - Felicia, Blogger

"FACT: My first treatment my skin already felt tighter. I started seeing results after 2 treatments." - Andrea Claire, Hair & Make Up Artist


"I believe that the increased blood flow caused by usage of Baby Quasar has effectively reduced my discomfort from the acne and the skin around it feels soothed." - Moonberry, Blogger


"This is very good for night owls, it acts like a instant booster and will perk up your skin even after first use. Of course regular usage will definitely helps to improve skin condition over time." - Miss Dblchin, Blogger


" skin has definitely become more radiant! Scars from old and more recent acne breakouts, as well as pigmentation patches, have definitely lightened by many times; This is the most significant change since I started using the Baby Quasar. The redness in my very sensitive skin has faded and I attribute this to the increase in circulation.

..My skin does feel more toned, supple and healthier and it doesn’t flush as easily as before. The best part about this is that effects, even if only slightly, could be seen immediately after each treatment!" - Roxanne(Lace Ivory), Blogger


"This is only my 1st week at using Baby Quasar but after each treatment, my skin looks brighter with a slight glow already. 

..LOVE how durable this device feels with its strong aluminium coating." - Ju Ann, Blogger





"It gives a gentle warming effect and helps soothe the inflamed area. I like the fact that it can be used for the entire face (while Tanda Zap is more of a spot treatment). I also noticed my skin became brighter due to blood circulation." - Vivian, Blogger














Dermaheal Anti-Acne Bundle 


Dermaheal Clean Pore Mask Set: "I find the mask effective in making my pores feel clean and tight. My skin also does look brighter after use."


Dermaheal DeAkni: "This product dispenses out as a gel form and became watery when spread. It is easily absorbed as well. I find this less harsh than pimple cream as it doesn’t dry up the pimples. Somehow this product can help to heal my pimple wound. I’m not very sure if it does help to prevent pimples since I don’t use it everyday." - Vivian, Blogger












Dermaheal Skin Delight Mask Pack

"This was definitely our favorite among the 3. It made our skin feel so dewy after use and made our skin brighter. 



Definitely a thumbs up for this one!" - Gone Shopping Too, Singapore Products Review Team












Dermaheal Hair Care Bundle


"After using the Shampoo + Nutrition Hair Pack together, I notice lesser hair fall each time after I’ve used the products. Usually I’ll drop like 20+ strands of hair after wash and brush. But every time after I use these products, I only have about 2-5 strands of hair falling out when I brush my hair!! My hair feels baby soft too though there are still some frizzes, but overall, my hair does feel healthier!" Felicia, Blogger









iLa Spa Rainforest Renew Range


 iLa Spa Rainforest Renew Day Cream for Radiant Skin


"This day cream is rather light and because it is easily absorbed into the skin, does not leave any greasy residue." - Sesame, Blog editor of













  iLa Spa Rainforest Renew Face Serum for Radiant Skin

"I like that it seems to help even out my skin tone and I no longer need to use so much concealer these days."Sesame, Blog editor of













 iLa Spa Rainforest Renew Night Cream for Skin Regeneration


"I do think those with drier skin type will benefit from using both the serum and this antioxidant night cream, which contains fatty acids from the Marapuama tree to strengthen and restore elasticity. Plus I reckon the improvement to my skin tone is probably because I use both the serum and the cream, given that this product is also said to be able to significantly and visibly enhancing skin tone and texture."Sesame, Blog editor of












 iLa Spa Rainforest Renew Eye Serum for Cellular Regeneration


"I think this eye cream is rather nourishing and it helped improve the look of my eye area initially. In fact, it gave my eye area a warm, tingling sensation the first few times I used the product."Sesame, Blog editor of